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Meaningful Rainbow

Last weekend, I smiled at the sight of a full rainbow. Never have I seen anything like it before (rainbows were usually partial or faded) and hopefully, this picture gives justice: Taken at 5:19 pm, November 20, 2021 I couldn't help but think: Is this a message of hope from our baby? That we shouldn't be sad anymore because he's now happy in heaven? Or perhaps this is a sign of a new beginning for me and my husband? Whatever it is, that moment gave me joy. I have not shared in this blog yet that the last time the nurse checked his heartbeat at the labor room, it was 143 (as if saying "I love you"). Amid the pain and uncertainty, it put a smile on my face. This year had been difficult not just for us but for some friends of mine. They lost their loved ones, or they too got sick. As for us, we never imagined bringing our firstborn to his final resting place. We were just preparing to buy a crib. My heart broke, looking at the face of an angel who's asleep. At th

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