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Sleeping Techniques

By "Sleeping Techniques," I mean to provide a brief list of tactics by which employees are able to sleep at work. This is not for the insomniac but rather the sleep addict:
1. Rest your left elbow on the work desk and place your forehead against the fist. At the same time, hold the mouse with your right hand. This is so cool!
2. A variant of the first technique is to get close to your monitor. Rest both elbows on the work desk, placing your forehead against both fists. It's just like you're thinking too deep about the task at hand.
3. Wear opaque shades, cross your arms, lean back and may you have sweet dreams!
Just beware in employing these strategies. The screen might have turned black already.

Being A Trainer : How I Proved That I Have This Calling

From the time I wrote my CV to the interview, teaching demo and stepping into the platform for my actual class with mixed feelings of excitement, confidence and fulfilment... It couldn't be more obvious: I was meant to be here.
It is not easy. Not all days ran smoothly, no matter how I prepared. But as a trainer, one also learns from each class handled and continuously adapts. My work as a web support specialist and broadcast background undoubtedly prepared me for the role. Training classes are also quite similar to media production work: Plan, have a sequence guide, know your script, present, interact and get feedback from your audience.
As you go, also watch out for those who may be left behind. I am glad to have led a pilot process where assessments had to be created from scratch. Then you monitor performance and conduct individual coaching. Even more fulfilling are the success stories: Those who did not perform well initially but showed progress and made it to Operations, consis…