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Our Intimate Wedding Preps

With us getting engaged in August this year, our wedding preparation is unique in the sense that it was done amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we planned an event of 30 guests, almost everything was DIY. We didn't hire a coordinator nor an HMUA. If you're looking into a similar wedding set-up, our list of essentials and suppliers may be helpful: 1. Legal requirements Pre-marriage seminar Marriage license application Civil wedding schedule 2. Prenup photoshoot Venue: Manila Yacht Rentals Photo and video: Eyestrain Photos and Motion 3. Reception venues: Yes, we had two since our wedding had to be rescheduled. We kept the original arrangements and just booked a table at Galileo for our parents and witnesses. Cafe Ysabel , Pasadena, San Juan Galileo Enoteca, Mandaluyong 4. Invites 5.  Civil wedding dress and men's wear 6. Wedding rings 7. Cake: (acrylic topper bought separately at the mall) 8. Souvenir: Papemelroti personalized pens 9. Gifts for godparents 10. Program

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