A Perfect Saturday

It is typical for us to go out on weekends and indulge in food places. Yesterday, without an occasion but with determination, I brought mom to NIU by Vikings and planned to spend the rest of the day strolling in the mall with her.

She's often hesitant to dine in a buffet resto like this because it's way expensive for her and I could spend my money on something else. But when she says we can do it on Christmas or when someone's celebrating a birthday, I tell her we don't have to wait for any occasion because we can celebrate any day. Hihi!

On to shopping. While my mom and I differ in fashion tastes, what she buys or likes for herself often looks good on me. She goes like "Yung gusto mo, 'di ko gusto. Pero 'yung gusto ko, bagay sa 'yo." And so when we went to Espada, I got this top which she also wanted:

We spent the afternoon grocery shopping and we had dinner when dad arrived. I love leisurely walks and enjoying food with my parents. No matter ho…


You put a . to loneliness
You are the answer to my ?
And you removed the , from several choices

When I met you I was like ?!
When you loved me I saw ...
When you're sad I want to give you :
And simply whisper " "

My Go-To Beauty Brands

It's been two months since I wrote about a simple beauty regimen where I mentioned my trusted brands Happy Skin, Snoe, BLK, Revlon, and Avon.

Since then, I only had four additions so let's get started!

1. Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel (Php 299) - I was looking for a fragrance-free facial wash and this one got me at "dragon fruit and aloe extracts." Since it claims to be suitable for sensitive skin, I gave this antioxidant-packed product a chance.

2. BLK Sweet Lip Duo in Tulip (Php 379) - This gives good value for money since it has a lip scrub, lip tint, and mirror in an easy-to-carry packaging. Thumbs up!

3. BLK Volume + Lash Extension Mascara in OMG (Php 349) - For years, I haven't used mascara. Never been a fan since I heard that it could cause dark circles around the eyes. This time, I gave mascara another chance with this smudge-proof product that creates a faux eyelash effect. Since I have long lashes to begin with, I took this buddy for that ef…

A Date With Mom

After 11 years, we went back to Manila Ocean Park. You know me. I love field trips. Haha! It was a nice Saturday afternoon, when after eating at Makan Makan, we started strolling and capped it with fish spa - my mom's first time.

Our First Date as Boyfriend & Girlfriend

As I fondly recall May 7, the day when we started being in a relationship, I also write about our first "field trip." Hehe! In the Quezon Memorial Circle, we visited the Presidential Car Museum on May 11.

And since I haven't put my boyfriend's fluency in Filipino to the test, I at least let him read the local translation on the plaques. We had a good laugh whenever he stumbled upon a difficult word or restarted because of wrong sentence rhythm. Lol!

We also took the chance to visit the Quezon Heritage House. It was a guided tour, and TJ sensed that the young ones who were standing by for guests were hesitant to do an English tour. Our laughter broke the silence and we said, hindi, okay lang in Filipino! Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa hayop at malansang isda.

At ngayong nagdaan na ang una naming monthsary, umaasa akong marami pang dates tulad nito. 'Di kailangang lumayo. Basta magkasama, masaya! Hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin kaming ara…


Nang minsang tawagan ako ni TJ, narinig ko siyang magsabi ng "Wait lang ha, hi-headsetin ko na 'to." Teka, ano ba ang ibig sabihin 'pag hini-headset mo ang isang tao?

1. May gusto siya sa 'yo.
2. Natutuwa siyang kausap ka, kaya mag-eeffort pa siyang dukutin ang headset.
3. May mga kaibigan kang sinasabihan ng "Mamaya na tayo mag-usap. Pangit ang signal" at meron namang "Teka, maghiheadset lang ako."
4. Gusto ka niyang ka-duet sa Smule.

Therefore, may bagong classification ng mga taong importante sa buhay mo. Mahalaga ka kapag hineadset ka niya. Pero mag-ingat. Baka pagmulan ito ng isyu. Tignan ang ilang halimbawa:

Habang magkakasama ang tatlong magbabarkada:
Girl, kalurkey ka ha. 'Pag siya hiniheadset mo pero 'pag ako... Very wrong ka dun!

P're, napapansin ko 'pag nag-uusap tayo, palagi mong gustong may headset. Itatanong ko lang naman kung may paliga sa barangay, naghiheadset ka pa. Oo lang naman o hindi. Parang gusto mo isang o…

Simple Beauty Regimen

I didn't learn much about makeup until college. Taking up broadcasting then, I first had an idea about contouring but didn't apply it personally. It was because that sort of makeup with layers of foundation also served as protection against the harsh studio lights. For everyday use, I just preferred loose powder and lip gloss.

I wasn't also a fan of lipstick because it was a hassle when eating or drinking. But my love for lippies started when my friend Gianne mentioned about Happy Skin. With the shade Stay Happy, it was love at first swipe. Coral is just the color for me.

Today, let me share the updated contents of my kikay kit:

1. Glam Squad Eyeshadow Duo by Happy Skin
2. Glam Squad Contour & Color by Happy Skin
3. Snoe Body Ritual Recipes 5 in 1 Body Jelly in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt (Body Freshener,  Toning Body Serum, Hand & Body Sanitizer, Whole Body Deo, and Fragrance Gel)
4. Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Sweet Hair and Body Glaze with Acai Berry and Argan Oil
5. B…

Good News About My Eye Health

In February, I had a series of eye tests. It all started when I visited an opthalmologist to check if the glasses I've worn since more than a year ago are still good. Yes, they are. However, I frequently feel a foreign body sensation in my eyes so he prescribed an eyedrop solution. He also did a tonometry, using an instrument to measure intraocular pressure. Though still normal, mine was on the high end.

He advised that since two symptoms were present (pressure, "malalim na ugat sa mata"), two procedures could rule out glaucoma, a condition that can lead to blindness.

So I underwent what for me was like a difficult exam: Perimetry. It's for checking peripheral vision (lawak ng paningin), and I was asked to focus on the center light and press the switch whenever a star-like object would appear anywhere on the sides, top and bottom. It was tricky for me because one, it's hard to keep staring at the center and two, sometimes I wondered whether it was a real spark o…