Love in the Time of Corona

The Enhanced Community Quarantine deprived us not only of some days of work, but also of the chance to see each other.
If the love of your life is also someone you met at work, this is the time to experience an LDR. You might have gotten used to his physical presence and everyday acts of affection.  But now, somehow, I appreciate this chance for us to love even from afar.
It's time to be creative! My heart melted the first time he gave me real flowers but I felt the same way upon seeing this:

Good thing, we had several activities and  milestones last month. A lot of memories made. Truly, we must live each day as if it were our last.

Thank You For Today

The title of my post, I realized, has been a staple of our conversations. The simple things you do, the peace you always carry, and our quiet understanding since day 1 are just some of the reasons to be grateful.

What does it mean when I say "you made me understand the unsaid?" I used to be a fan of conversationalists. Well, we have good conversations and we click. But you're not really the type who talks a lot, especially with other people. Even at times when they think you should have reacted or have been triggered, you have this unique ability of keeping your calm. I like that about you. It's a different kind of strength. And so now, I am more sensitive. I catch myself being more aware of the things you like and dislike. I look at you and somehow feel what you feel. Isn't that amazing?

With you, I can be as natural as if I'm with my girl best friend. Someone else commented that she has never seen me this happy, without hiding any side of my personality wh…

God's Letter to Me

In one way or another, I hope that my blog can be a channel of blessing this Lenten season. Let me start by sharing what I wrote after a retreat in January 2020. Here's God's letter to me:

Mary June,
You made it to our date, finally! You are home. You are mine again. You focused on my word and took it to heart. You believe in my promise. This is just the beginning of wonderful things. Let me amaze you.
I heard you in prayer saying "Without You, I am nothing." I heard you call my name and beg for some things which you thought will be good. But my child, be steadfast. Trust in me because I have cared for you even before you were born.
As you end this retreat, always remember that I am drawing you closer. Do not believe the lies of the world. Go back to who you are - my child. You are a princess.
You are always with me. And everything I have is yours.

To The Girl He Loved Next

I knew you'd make it here. Maybe he told you about me and if it was true, he also made you aware of when our relationship ended - just last month. Way back in school, I'm not a fan of our history subject, because we were required to memorize dates. But yes, the last time he said he loved me was on December 1st.

But don't worry. I got this. We just had an intermittent 4-month relationship after all. But it was a lot to take! We confronted a lot of issues early on. Imagine that within that short period of time, we had three breakups because of religion, different love languages, and the final straw, his fear of not deserving me. I loved him nonetheless.

Each love story is unique, but read on if you care for some of the things I learned about him. I don't know how much you have changed or will change him, but these may still count for something:

1. Riding bikes is his passion. Even when he met a major accident because of that, it didn't change his appreciation of the…

New Year's Resolutions

I find it effective when resolutions are written so here's a rundown of things I've already started working on before the clock struck 12:
1. Avoid eye makeup - Though I'm not really putting too much stuff on my face specially the eye area, I will now avoid applying eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner which can irritate this sensitive part. Luckily, I get compliments about my natural lashes and brows so there's really no need to put on products. That's a time saver too!
2. Wear eyeglasses every day - With number 1, I can just maximize the use of nice eyewear to complement my face. But more than an accessory, I find it beneficial to wear corrective glasses because it helped me stay at just 1.00/1.25 vision for two years now. It also protects the eyes from harmful elements.
3. No more hugot lines - Though most people find these funny, I realized that there are better sources of humor. Even if hugot lines are said in a not so serious manner, maybe it still affects me o…

Saying Farewell to My Guy Best Friend

This is supposed to be part of my Meet My Friend series where I've talked about Pau, Nica, and Pam so far. But I realized that since this blog started, this friend of mine had been a constant. Because that's what he has been in my life - a constant.

Sadly, I have to end this year bidding farewell to Rap. But beyond tears will be a lingering smile knowing that he'd be able to pursue his dream and happiness.

Posting this photo here for future reference! Our dinner with high school friends tonight is memorable because I'm grateful that we had the chance to be like before - laughing and talking about just anything. You were right when you said in our last get-together. "If other best friends went through what we had, they may not have survived." But indeed, we are stronger than that.

Thank you, Rap. For the love, laughter, and sincerity. I promise that despite the distance,  we can still touch base every six months like we used to.

Take care. Since you're in…

Bias for Action

Nine days before we say hello to 2020, I think it's good to write about this concept that my former boss and friend Marj shared: Bias for action. She mentioned it in our chat after I talked about choosing a "can do" attitude over fear of not meeting expectations. When you want something, you step up for it.

I remember when I made a comeback to the BPO setting, starting over again as an agent and Marj asked me to make a major decision: "Are you willing to take the risk?" I replied that it was a risk worth taking. She used a phrase related to bias for action that is, calculated risk taking. I've been fine since.
In a nutshell according to this article, a bias for action is choosing action over inaction. Instead of overthinking, you act. This to me would be a nice paradigm shift as we welcome the new year. For someone who considers herself a planner or someone who wants things organized before taking action, wouldn't it be nice to be more of a doer? It do…