Saturday, July 07, 2018

A Love Story

Why am I searching?

I used to have my old reliable pair of shoes: Has height, looks good, feels good even for long walks. It's something I could wear everyday because it's lightweight and provides enough support.

Once it was broken and I had it repaired. Sewn, I felt more secure that it won't let me down.

But after a few months I noticed that some parts are peeling. I feared that one day, I would have to let go.

And the day I dreaded finally came. Now it's broken beyond repair. I can use a temporary remedy, but I wouldn't want to settle with something that can't give security. So I threw it away.

I have other shoes, though that was my favorite pair. As I dropped by some stores, I found myself trying on several shoes but nothing's like the one I lost. The hard thing is, I keep looking for something exactly like it.

Would a better pair come along?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Iloilo: My Most Impulsive Flight By Far

This may not be new to some, but my Iloilo trip has been the most impulsive I took - booked just one day before. It's good that everything, including the weather, cooperated. After rainy days in Manila, the sun gave me a warm welcome when I landed in Iloilo last Friday.

Sunny mornings, rainy afternoons. But no matter what the weather is, seafood is not something one should miss here.

Shrimp, Nylon Shell Soup, Oysters, and Crab at Ocean City Seafood Restaurant, a few steps from The Mansion

Oysters, Squid, and Crab at Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood Restaurant

I took a jeepney ride from The Mansion to Molo Plaza to see their church:

Though I've been here for 3 days and 2 nights, I would want to come back soon, hopefully with my dad for some island hopping, leisurely stroll along River Esplanade, and even clubbing. Haha!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

High School Friends Getaway at Pico de Loro/Lolo

Malimit sa mga barkada ang magkayayaan at magplano ng mga outing, ngunit sa huli'y mauuwi lang sa Fine Arts. Drawing lang ang lahat. Sa kaso namin, matagal man ang pagpaplano, basta't sumama na ang panahon at may mga dumarating na habagat, tiyak na matutuloy ito!

Gaya ng post ko noon tungkol sa Anvaya, mayroon ding gloomy skies (at sinamahan pa ng mistulang pating na daraan sa harap ng tatlong magkakaibigan):

Grabbed from Analyn Sysunco's Facebook Post

June 9-10 kami nasa Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club sa Nasugbu, Batangas. Ito rin ang mga panahong nagtext ang NDRRMC ng mga babala tulad nito: "Orange Heavy Rainfall Warning. Matinding pag-ulan sa Metro Manila, Cavite, Batangas, at Rizal ang mararanasan dulot ng HABAGAT. Asahan ang matinding pagbaha at landslide. Maging alerto at handa."

Kaya naman masasabing Pico de Lolo ang nangyari dahil lolo mode kaming anim nina Rusell, Marrian, Rap, Analyn, at Ludwig. Ginugol lang namin ang unang maghapon sa pagluluto, panonood ng pelikulang nakakaiyak (Coco, 2017), panonood ng Fliptop battles at music videos ng Bubble Gang, at pag-uulayaw sa azotea.

Kinabukasan lang nagswimming ang buong grupo. Ito ang patunay na anumang panahon, umulan o umaraw, mananatili ang pagkakaibigan. Hehe! 

#bromance #SummerInOurHearts

Pagbabalik-Tanaw: Ganito sila kapag namimiss ang iba pang mga kasapi ng TNT.
Isa sa highlights ng lakad ang Grand Raffle ng mga natirang grocery items. Panukala ito ni Analyn para wala raw lamangan. Ayun, siya ang nag-uwi ng mga sibuyas at kami nina Marrian at Rusell ang nag-uwi ng top prizes. Hehe. Si Rap, bukod sa napanalunan ay siya na ring nag-uwi ng mabigat na Wilkins dahil siya naman ang may sasakyan (kailangan talaga binabanggit pa ito rito).

Grand Raffle of Remaining Stocks

Bago umuwi, 'di namin pinalampas ang pagsilip sa beach. Aba, tumigil na ang ulan. Mahusay. Tapos na raw kasi ang outing.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Foodie Meet-Up at Cafe Adriatico Express

It's a delight whenever Zomato invites me to any of their events. It's been a while since I attended but truth be told, I find foodie meet-ups fun and a sign that my reviews are trusted and valued.

With the famous but humble YouTuber Mart Lester

Today, we were served a full course meal at Cafe Adriatico Express in SM North The Block. I'll just make  my comments brief for the complete rundown:

1. Ensalada Esmeralda - my personal choice even before heading to the venue. It's a mix of fruits on a bed of greens. The raspberry yogurt dressing makes this a hit.

2. Chicken Macaroni - Though it's good, I'd still go for  Ensalada Esmeralda. But budget wise, this could be a popular choice at 125 bucks.

3. Pork Empanaditas - Empanada fans like me would appreciate the generous stuffing.

4. Garlic Chicken Wings - What caught my eye is the unique presentation which includes a whole garlic with the top portion cut. If you crave for chicken wings and prefer the garlicky goodness over buffalo flavor, go for this one!

5. Baked Salmon Rice Topping - Into creamy dishes and salmon? You'll love this.

6. BBQ Pork Belly - Relatively, you get good value for money with this entree. If I would dine solo (which I often do), I'll choose this dish worth 195 bucks.

7. American Beef Stew -Since it was described as "slow cooked" and it's worth 295 bucks, I had higher expectations. However, I think that the meat could be juicier and more tender. I also find the flavor of the sauce too strong.

8. Pepperoni Pizza - Reasonably priced at 195

9. Primavera Pizza - My favorite among the pizzas served. It has tomato, mozzarella, zucchini, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, and spinach (Oh, spinach!)

10. Mushroom and Bacon Pizza - also reasonably priced at 195

11. Our Famous Pancit Palabok - This appears pricey at 255 especially if you're just dropping by for a quick snack. But I must say that I heard lots of compliments from my fellow foodies. Fresh ingredients, I believe, is the secret.

12. French Kiss - Who doesn't like French toast with whipped cream, blueberries and maple syrup? Surprisingly, this one is not too sweet. I would have devoured the whole thing had I not been full from tasting everything else!

And believe it or not, despite such appetite, I was under the weather when the foodie meet-up was held. What I appreciated therefore, is the ginger tea. Told ya, a real tita here.

*For food shots, please check out Cafe Adriatico Express on Zomato (SM North The Block branch). My reviews and photos are under the handle f00dXplorer.

Cafe Adriatico Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's Okay to Have a Poké

Oh yes, it's the first of June and I missed blogging! You knew it. Eating and trying new things kept me busy, as usual. Before summer comes to an end, I wanted to bring a burst of color to my blog. But how? Well, my camera roll has these:

Pepperoni Sandwich, Subway

Juan-der Bowl, Poké Shack

Mediterranean Catch, Poké Shack

The Shack Standard (noodle-based), Poké Shack

I remember that if one wants to eat nutritious, colorful dishes would do the trick. What's more? I find these food refreshing with the scorching heat of this weather!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Path to Change

March has been an eventful month. Since I resigned from my previous job, I explored opportunities in corporate communications, training, and technical support.

But aside from figuring out a career change, moving out of our house also kept me busy. It wasn't easy since I'm still unemployed. Prayer has been my weapon as I faced questions, made decisions, and performed actions. I washed my own clothes, bought food, went to the church on Sundays, attended job interviews, passed difficult exams, prepared pre-employment requirements, and even renewed my passport. For these, I would give myself a pat on the back.

Meanwhile, in my new home, here's what's cooking:

Mixed veggies omelet,leafy side dish, grilled isaw, and squid served with black rice

Salmon with veggies, served with black rice

I feel contented now. Yes, I may have dreams that belong to the future but my present is worth being thankful for.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tiny, The Clingy

Whether I'm afraid of dogs or not, I'm no longer certain.

Through the years, I haven't been at ease in the company of dogs. But recently they, especially white ones, have developed friendly relations with me.

Tiny, the pet of my dear friend Rap, is just so addictive that I repeatedly took photos:

Normal State #1

Normal state #2

This dog seems to be thinking "What are my long-term goals?"

This was how Tiny looked at me after munching on a French Toast that morning.