Meet My Friend Pau

Now that our busy season at work has come to an end, I finally got a chance to write about one of my girlfriends, Pau! Nope, it isn't her birthday but I figured anytime is a good time for an appreciation post.

So why Pau? I didn't expect that she would be one of the people I'll get close with in 2019. Yes, we work in a small account and we spent a great deal of time together, but it was just professional for the most part. Until... We became unprofessional. Lol!

So picture this. Pau seems intimidating to most, and she can pull a Ms. Minchin act just like how I can look like Ms. Minchin with my black eyeglasses. But there comes a point when Pau dances when nobody else is looking, or while hiding behind the pillars. One day, she was onboarding me for a certain process and when I seriously asked a question, she answered "pork belly." I didn't realize she was so sleepy at that time! That I guess, cemented her more-than-coworker status. Haha!

Not to mention that …

Ladies, Read This

Finally, you can move forward. You had so much love to give, but everyone except you knew you're not meant to be together. You accepted red flags instead of red roses. With all the chances you've given, it's still not enough. Do you know why?

He's broken and it's not your job to fix him. Only he could get out of the dark pit - a place of misery, futility, and degradation. Did he mean it when he said he wants you to be happy? That he doesn't want to drag you to how messed up he is? It doesn't matter anymore.

If one day he said he loved you and the next day, he wasn't certain of what he feels anymore... Enough. No amount of positivity and willingness to accept him at his worst will cure the situation.

Love drives away fear. But that man is full of worries and fears. Choose to be happy and walk away.

Table for One

I didn't turn the alarm on yesterday. After a 12-hr sleep, I started my day at 3am. After taking a shower, 711's Pares and City Blends' brewed coffee warmed my tummy. Brought the dry clothes inside and did some more laundry. I took a rest.

When the sun was up and the stores already opened, I refilled my gallon of water. Went to Watsons, Mercury, and Robinsons. Getting all the things I need, my last stop was at the house that fried chicken built and I said "table for one."

A Basic Meal with ube creme decadence upgrade is what I always had here. As always, whenever eating alone, I savored each bite and appreciated what's on the table. Life is good.

Having someone to share this with could be better, but then again, alone is fine too.

Some Things Never Change

After two classes graduating, a team going through cross skilling, my schedule getting crazy, and a team to handle at work, this had been an opportune time to reconnect with my former Filipino teacher and friend, Ma'am Editha.

I went to the high school building but was told that her office is now in grade school. Arriving at the grounds halfway through lunch, I dropped by the Lourdes church - a place I truly missed. Not only did I spend my days as a student here, I also gained friends through our all-girls church organization.

As 1 PM struck, I got to meet Ma'am Editha again. Though my main purpose was to purchase raffle tickets for the 65th anniversary, I knew deep in my heart that our conversation would be a breath of fresh air. We talked about what I'm doing now, my classmates, and a lot of funny stories. Ma'am said she already thought of me being a teacher someday because during recitation, I was so daldal as if engaging in a debate. And I said "Hindi naman p…

Sweetness Overload

I couldn't help but write about this after my recent batch of trainees went out of their way to surprise me. In the middle of another class, the Facilities staff knocked and said someone's looking for me.

The area is off limits to the other employees and so my trainees waited at the corridor and looked bothered. Sean said there's feedback on training and so I need to meet people at another room. But I knew something's weird... Until they handed me a box which contained this:

Asking them why it's slim, may additional fee na raw kasi 'pag ginawang chubby. Hahaha! Mga buwisit.

But kidding aside, at a time when everyone's busy, I appreciate how thoughtful they are. From the bottom of my heart, I want to see them succeed and be happy where they are now.

Thank you, Wave 13! Who says 13 is an unlucky number? May pahabol pa the next day!

It Feels Lighter Now

Have you ever broken up with someone yet kept thinking "What if I did this? What if I did that? We might have made it work." Then you went back together, optimistic more than ever, yet ended up realizing it was never a two-way street with him? That it was just too much to handle your differences, and it seemed it was just you who was willing. You had your much-needed closure.

I bet you're better now. While I believe in a second chance, I'm not a fan of unli chances. In a world of unlimited things, you want to be special and treated the way you deserve. Respected, at the very least.

If someone is not willing to listen and cannot be relied on for small things, what more for bigger challenges that marriage entails?

You did your best, telling him what you want so he could work on it. He didn't like mind games, after all. But it was just a no for him. Not his comfort zone. His brain told him he couldn't, and he gave in. Ironically, he blamed fate. He thinks you o…

A Perfect Saturday

It is typical for us to go out on weekends and indulge in food places. Yesterday, without an occasion but with determination, I brought mom to NIU by Vikings and planned to spend the rest of the day strolling in the mall with her.

She's often hesitant to dine in a buffet resto like this because it's way expensive for her and I could spend my money on something else. But when she says we can do it on Christmas or when someone's celebrating a birthday, I tell her we don't have to wait for any occasion because we can celebrate any day. Hihi!

On to shopping. While my mom and I differ in fashion tastes, what she buys or likes for herself often looks good on me. She goes like "Yung gusto mo, 'di ko gusto. Pero 'yung gusto ko, bagay sa 'yo." And so when we went to Espada, I got this top which she also wanted:

We spent the afternoon grocery shopping and we had dinner when dad arrived. I love leisurely walks and enjoying food with my parents. No matter ho…