Friday, December 12, 2008

Parlor Games for Company Christmas Parties

1. Colors of Christmas
Each group will be composed of five members. The teams bring out as many items as they can based on the color that the facilitator gives such as green, red, gold, silver and white. More items mean one point earned by the group. First to garner three points wins!

2. Breath-Taking Merry Christmas
Competitors will strive to withstand this respiratory test by saying "Merry Christmas" to the maximum length that their lungs would allow.

3. Bitin Na Bitin Sa 'Yo (The Grand Pabitin)
Participants know no rules as they strive to snatch as many items as they can.

4. Hipan Mo Baby
There will be two teams: Red VS Green. The group with a higher number of fully-inflated balloons wins.

5. Kumandong Ka't Tayo Na Sa Herusalem
An odd-numbered set of participants starts the game. Action starts when the music stops. Mag-uunahan sila sa mga upuan, pero ang ultimate twist: Out ang walang kalong na participant. DO NOT REMOVE a chair. Out naman ang walang upuan. Alternate this pattern throughout the game, removing one chair every other round.

6. Pahabaan ng Pasensya (Longest Line)
Maglalabas ng mga ari-arian ang bawat kalahok para makalikha ng pinaka-mahabang hilera. Ang mananalo? Aangkinin na ang mga inilabas ng kalabang pangkat.

7. Balloon Bursting
Blindfolded women with long needles burst balloons tied to the men's hips... to the best of their ability.

8. Bring Me
a. Kalbong cameraman
b. Salbaheng manager
c. Handkerchief... shoes... socks... belt... pants... polo... underwear of editor. (Ha ha ha. Inunti-unti at 'di pa nakahalata. Buong departamento hinahabol na siya.)
d. One monitor
e. One OB Van
f. GenSet
g. Satellite dish
h. Transmission Tower (Gagamitin sa The Grand Pabitin)

Balloons (red and green, 1 dozen each color)
Pabitin (2 sets)
Prizes (20 pieces)
Santa Hats (6)
Gasoline and torch

Suggested Intermission Numbers:
a. Producer 1 (1 hr Hula hoop)
b. Producer 2 (1 hr acrobatic stunts)
c. Producer 3 (1 hr Maglalatik)
d. Producer 4 (1 hr stand-up comedy)
e. Producer 5 (1 hr tight rope balancing)
f. Editor (1 hr cut-to-cut editing demo with annotation)

Note: Beware of their anticipated absence due to forced leave.